Shopify: The Basics

When the founders of Shopify got started, they weren’t looking to make a business out of their ecommerce platform, they simply couldn’t find an online store they liked, so they made their own. Now they’re helping businesses around the world create an online presence with a simple and user-friendly store. Setting up your Shopify store […]

Surprise Google PageRank Update Squashes Pinterest Boards

Everyone was surprised to see Google update their Toolbar PageRank values after 10 months of stagnation and even a message from Matt Cutts himself that an update prior to the New Year was unlikely. When I found out about the update I immediately checked our own websites’ rank and our clients and then went to […]

Human Resources Must Embrace Social

Is HR really embracing social networking within companies? While it seems HR departments and other talent management professionals are actively using external social media technologies to recruit and research their candidates, they aren’t as accepting and/or understanding of their employees using the same technologies for internal use.

How important is cash flow for your startup or business?

Cash is always on the minds of businesses. Whether you have been around for twenty years or are just starting out, it is without a doubt one the most important factors in the eventual or ongoing success of your company. Ideally, you want to complete daily operations, expand, and have the purchasing power to do […]

Pivotal Moments in Tech History

Ever wonder what the specific moment was that turned a start-up into a success? Technology-based websites and services, such as Instagram, YouTube, Groupon and other accomplished sites, don’t always start out as immediate hits. For instance, did you know that YouTube began its life as a video dating site dubbed “Tune In Hook Up”? Online […]