Amazon Hosted Bots on the Loose, Out of Control Invalid Clicks

For the past several months we’ve been doing our best to slay an Amazon-hosted collection of bots that seemingly love to click our ads. One of our sites with the least amount of traffic is currently receiving the most clicks, as seen in the screenshot below. We’ve contacted Google several times in the past and have spent hours reading documentation on how to combat the bots’ efforts, but very little seems to work because the IP addresses connected to the invalid clicks change so frequently. Here’s to hoping the Google Adsense team continues monitoring the invalid clicks as well as they have thus far, all of which seem to have had their revenue removed within a few hours of the invalid activity.

If you’re experiencing this same issue with the ads on any of your websites, here’s a link to Google’s official help area where they address the issue and offer a bit of advice: What can I do to help prevent invalid activity?

Additionally, if you’ve had success combating the invalid clicks, we’d really like to hear from you, so feel free to drop a comment detailing your experience and any of the methods you’ve had success with.

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One Response to “Amazon Hosted Bots on the Loose, Out of Control Invalid Clicks”

  1. Frank Rumbauskas July 10, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

    I’m experiencing the same problem. There’s no way to block the IPs because you can only block 500 per campaign and there are 100,000s of Amazon cloud IPs. I tried blocking their datacenter locations geographically but that doesn’t work either, which is baffling. If you come up with any ideas to stop this, please let me know.

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