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Regina and I recently attended the “AdSense in Your City” meetup in San Antonio, Texas, an event intended to educate publishers in hopes of enhancing their AdSense revenue while also providing a forum for general questions about the AdSense program. Given the fact that having a conversation with an AdSense representative is next to impossible, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity and made sure to make a reservation for the morning session.

The meetup started with breakfast, Google providing a nice variety of fresh fruit and croissants. After all the attendees had arrived, the AdSense team gave everyone an AdSense-themed bag, pen, sticker, Rubix Cube-styled USB flash drive, and a notepad. Following the freebies, the presentation kicked off, one AdSense representative after another fielding questions and discussing best practices and optimization tips. Once this segment of the meetup concluded, each publisher was given the chance to sit down one-on-one with an AdSense employee and present their website to be critiqued. This time could also be utilized to ask any questions not answered during the initial presentation.

All in all, the opportunity to meet the AdSense team, especially for small businesses and independent publishers, is something you shouldn’t pass up if you find them visiting your city. We learned several helpful tidbits we were unaware of, one of them being the amount of ads any given publisher can place on a single page. We had always assumed a single page could only display a maximum of three ads. However, as described in the first PDF below, a single page can contain up to 3 “Ad Units” AND 3 “Link Units.” Admittedly, we aren’t AdSense experts, but this revelation took us by surprise, and we believe many publishers are unaware of this. That said, feel free to check out or download the rest of the PDFs the AdSense team included with their presentation and let us know what you think of their optimization tips in the comment section.

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