Getting the Most Out of Reddit: A Guide for Digg Deserters & Noobs

Now that Digg Version 4 is here, much to the dismay of the community (who resoundingly spoke up about its apparent suckiness), what the hell do you plan on digging — I mean doing — with your free time? For those of you who decide to leave Digg rather than battle Kevin Rose in an attempt to return the site to normal, we believe Reddit is the obvious answer to your quickly diminishing finger calluses and disconnection from the social web.

“But Reddit’s comment system is confusing!”

“Yeah, and the design is horrid.”

“Which subreddits do I subscribe to? There are so many!”

We’ve heard all those nagging complaints before, but if you utilize the links we’ve collected here, nearly every issue you have with Reddit can be squelched. However, like anything new and unfamiliar, it may take some time. Digg wasn’t a puzzle you solved overnight, that we know. So take our advice, test the waters over at Reddit with these enhancement tools, and you may find yourself wondering why you were ever digging to begin with.

Reddit’s Equivalent to the Digg Hot Section

Many top diggers utilize this link for an additional content source. It is also an excellent place to comment on Reddit, ensuring other users the opportunity to read and reply to your comments. Try commenting on an article from Reddit’s homepage and your voice will likely never be heard.

SubReddit Finder

Many people complain about not being able to find the proper or most popular niche subreddits for an intended submission. This problem is created by one of the best aspects of Reddit: a user’s ability to create their own subreddit. Given that anyone with an account can create one, there are obviously thousands (51,597, at the time of this post, to be exact). As the name suggests, SubReddit Finder simplifies the process of discovering interesting and obscure subreddits to take part in.


Another Reddit tool designed to simplify the discovery of subreddits and more, MetaReddit offers a few options not available with SubReddit Finder, these being the Stalk and Monitor features.

Erqqvg – Popular Subreddits

This site offers a quick glance at the most popular subreddits based on the current top 100 stories on Reddit’s homepage. Politics, though many users strictly ignore that particular subreddit, is often the most-represented subreddit on the homepage.

Erqqvg – Reddit in Realtime

This site provides what many would consider the most in-depth look at Reddit, its content and its community. An hour spent here, sorting through the various tabs, and you are assured to walk away with a much greater understanding of what drives the site.

Karmanaut’s Map of Reddit

A useful visual map of popular subreddits.

click through for larger view

Reddit Reveal Firefox Add-on

This nifty add-on for Firefox provides some additional functionality to Reddit. Take a look at the screenshot for more information. Also available for Chrome.

Threaddit Firefox Add-on

A Mozilla add-on for enhancing comment threads.

Reddit Search with Google

Search Reddit utilizing Google and all possible Google search parameters. Using Google’s additional search-options bar [i.e. “Show Options”] you can further refine your results.

Useful Greasemonkey Scripts for Reddit

  • Reddit Uppers and Downers Enhanced — Show up-votes and down-votes next to the total score on reddit comments. Originally written by mistercow and optimized by Allan Bogh. It now also works on user pages by default like commentroversy do.
  • Reddit – Display Your Comment Karma — Displays your comment karma next to your link karma. Uses jQuery.
  • Reddit Continuity Lines Scrolling — Click on a continuity line to scroll down to the next comment. The scroll is animated, and the comment that is next down the thread will be highlighted for a short period of time.
  • Reddit Comment Boxes — Puts each Reddit comment in a box. Makes it easier to find out where you are in a thread.
  • Reddit Parent Comment Quick View — This lets you check out the parent comment of the comment you are reading without leaving your scroll location. Click on the “(QV)” link next to the “parent” link.
  • Hide Reddit NSFW — Does not display NSFW submissions on NOTE: This hides the entire submission not just the thumbnail.
  • Reddit Commentroversy — Shows up and down votes for Reddit comments. If you want to see votes on all pages (i.e. for submissions), just add* to the included sites.
  • Reddit Top Comments Sidebar — Displays the top comments for a Reddit post in a sidebar on the right hand side. Clicking on a post in the sidebar will take you directly to the Reddit comment. For each comment a “top comments” link has been added after “reply” to get you back to the Top Comments sidebar.
  • Highlight OP’s Comments on Reddit Self-post — In Reddit self-posts, the submitter often puts the bulk of their submission in a comment instead of the headline, and the comment may get buried. This will highlight their comments and bring their oldest top-level comment to the top of the page.


This is a helpful source for understanding the general community rules. This is a must-read for anyone looking to be highly active on Reddit.

Reddiquette is an informal expression of reddit’s community values, written by the reddit community itself. It’s not meant to be a list of commandments, but really more of a collection of guidelines. (In other words, be flexible!)

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