The Fall of StumbleUpon? Photoblogging Phased Out, Stumblers Migrate to Tumblr

Word around StumbleUpon is that the social bookmarking site, powered by its ever-popular and addictive toolbar,  will soon do away with their blogging functionality. User profiles will revert to the “thumbnail” view, erasing years of user-tailored blog pages, some of them carefully tweaked using basic HTML. Though StumbleUpon staff members are assuring everyone they’ll have plenty of time to export their blogs, they don’t claim to have a working export feature just yet. Here are some screenshots of the earful StumbleUpon staff are having to deal with over at Get Satisfaction, along with the official statement from their community manager.

Here’s one of the original queries along with some colorful commentary from a community that doesn’t seem to favor the changes.

First published as a guest post on For Hire Media.

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